A.S.E. Yersin is a project launched in 2015 based on the principles of Adventure, Science, and Education. Centered on the 77m explorer vessel, MV Yersin, the project encourages research and progress in the fields of oceanography and marine biology. The project is supported by the Prince Albert Foundation and the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco,  The motto of the vessel is:  "Leave an imprint without leaving a trace." EQuilibre Monaco created a website for the project, including a live tracking feature where visitors could see in real time where the vessel was traveling.

In June, 2015, Yersin was baptized  in Port Hercule, Monaco, under the presence of SAS Prince Albert II of Monaco and a selected list of government and environmental officials. EQuilibre was responsible for planning and organizing the event's guest list data base, design and distribution of invitations and RSVP's, and on-site management during the day of the event. The event received substantial press, including feature articles in Boat International, and Yacht WorldEQM_Logo




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